Do you want to fly to the moon?

Do you remember in your dream when you was a child? Most of people when they were child have owned bizarre dream that's very hard to reach it, so it can bewilder their parents. But no matter if you have some dream like that because your dream is
your intelligence to do some creative and innovative act like today.

Did you ever have a dream that you will fly to the Moon? If your mother ever narrating about the beauty of the Moon before
you said 'good night mom'. I sure that you want to fly to the Moon. I believe that you want to fly to the Moon.

Now your dream will become reality! With the "Name to the Moon" program you will fly to the Moon. But like the title of this
program just only your name that can fly to the Moon and orbiting the earth, while your body stay on this land.

So now it's time for you to subscribe your name in to Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter website. And your name will
automatically saved into a database and incorporated into a chip that will be placed on board the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance
Orbiter). After you finish enter your name, don’t forget to print the certificate that will be given to you. It's an authentic evidence for your participating amongst those of another couple of millions of people. This program will be closed in June 27, 2008.

From the information which I got in Softpedia said that more than 1.2 million people have subscribed for NASA 'Name to the Moon’ program and the number is still growing. I believe that number is higher and higher since I write this article.

If you think that it's a new innovation, so you have misjudged. In fact this program was exist before, do you remember about
Phoenix lander carries the names of the people participating in the mission and when JAXA's Selene spacecraft orbiting around the Moon is also carrying names of various people on a microchip.